Story Synopsis of I Feel You Linger In The Air

Story Synopsis of I Feel You Linger In The Air

So, you know when someone asks you, "What's that show I Feel You Linger In The Air about?" and you have to give them the lowdown without spoiling anything major? That's basically what a story or synopsis is for a drama series. It's like a sneak peek or a trailer, but in words. You read it and get the gist of what the show's about, who the main peeps are, and what kind of rollercoaster you're signing up for.

Think of it as a roadmap that says, "Hey, this show's gonna take you through a haunted house," or "Get ready for a crazy love triangle!" It won't tell you all the twists and turns—like who falls in love with who, or who the bad guy really is—but it'll give you enough to decide if you wanna hit "Play."

Why Should You Know The Story Synopsis of the Show?

Alright, so why should you bother reading the story synopsis before diving into a show?

  • First off, time's precious, right? You don't wanna sink hours into a show only to realize it's not your jam. A quick glance at the synopsis can tell you straight up if it's something you'd be into. Like, if you're not a fan of horror stuff, you'd wanna know before you stumble into a show full of ghosts and jump scares.
  • Second, it sets the mood. You ever start watching something thinking it's a comedy, then boom—it's a full-blown drama? A synopsis lets you know what you're getting into, emotionally. It's like the weather forecast for your feelings.
  • Lastly, it builds up that sweet, sweet anticipation. It's like smelling dinner before you eat; it gets you hungry for the show. So yeah, a good synopsis isn't just a bunch of words; it's your guide to what's gonna be your next binge-watching obsession or your next "Nah, I'll pass."

Here’s the Quick Recap of the Story of I Feel You Linger in the Air

So, the story is basically all about Jom, who’s an architect. In the beginning of the show, Jom has got a contract to renovate an old house. When he’s working on this project, he finds a creepy old wooden chest and when Jom opens it, he’s left stunned. What he finds inside are some drawings that he was able to recognize.

Mystery: Why was Jom able to recognize drawings that he found in a totally random chest at a totally random house that he’s supposed to renovate. He had nothing to do with the chest or the house earlier.

Well, the story doesn’t end here. Our main protagonist didn’t cared much at this point and flew to Bangkok to get in touch with his old lover. From there, the story starts taking so many twists and turns, which we’re not going to tell you here. You have to find out yourself by watching the show.


If you're watching with friends or family, it helps everyone get on the same page. Nothing worse than getting into a show and then having someone go, "Wait, what's going on?" all the time. If everyone's read the synopsis, you can all dive in without those annoying pauses to explain stuff.