Top 7 Surfaces To Use Your Electric Pressure Washer On

Top 7 Surfaces To Use Your Electric Pressure Washer On

An electric pressure washer can transform a filthy dirty surface into an extra clean one. It ensures that the cleaning work is satisfying and quick. Furthermore, if you compare the electric powered pressure washer and the conventional cleaning equipment, the electric one is more beneficial. One of its primary benefits is using it on several surfaces. Below are the best surfaces to use your electric-powered machine.

1. An electric pressure washer on home exteriors

The electric-powered machine can change your home exteriors from grimy-looking to new. Furthermore, cleaning can be an excellent solution if you do not want to spend money on a painting job. The best thing about the machine is that you can use it to pressure wash all home exterior surfaces.

2. Decks

You can use your electric pressure washer on your decks. Most designers make decks using Tigerwood, Camaro, or Ipe hardwoods. The hardwoods can sustain the pressure that a pressure washer produces. The only consideration while cleaning decks is to stand slightly further away. Also, if you use the red nozzle, you can mark the wood. Thus, make sure to use the green or white nozzle.

3. The electric pressure washer on entryways

The first thing anyone can notice when coming to your home is the entryway. If you do not clean it, there are bound to be chalky white or black substances on the concrete. The substances may make your concrete to be highly unattractive. Furthermore, the white marks are usually lime. If you do not address it, there is a high chance your entryway will be damaged. Therefore, you can use your pressure washing machine to preserve your entryway’s appearance. In the long run, pressure cleaning will save you repair costs.

4. Cars

The pressure washer is perfect for cleaning your car. It would help to consider the nozzle you are using and the distance between the vehicle and its use. If you use too high pressure, there is a high chance that the paint will come off. If the paint comes off, then it may lead to rusting. Thus, ensure you use the correct type of pressure.

5. The electric pressure washer on the gutters

Long periods of rain can make mildew and mold accumulate in your gutters. Thus, the pressure washer can come in handy. It can help you get rid of the accumulated molds and mildew. The primary consideration is to use soft pressure only.

High pressure is not recommended for roofs. It can wreak havoc on the roof. Thus, make sure to use only soft pressure.

6. Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture consists of materials such as wood, vinyl, and plastic. Thus, you can quickly pressure wash them. Furthermore, you can opt to clean them in your backyard for optimal results.

7. Driveways

Driveways consist of concrete which is perfect for pressure watch. Furthermore, the pressure washer can efficiently remove any greasy stains, mildew, and mold present in the cement.


The versatility of the electric pressure washer means that you are not limited to cleaning only one surface. The machine allows you to clean almost every corner of your home. The only consideration you should put in place is that different surfaces need different nozzle degrees.